Glider Rides

We offer standard rides in our Schweizer 2-33 glider (also used for primary glider training), which is towed by a tow aircraft to the desired location, and is then “cast off” – or released for the glider ride. High performance rides are given in our German made Grob-103. The Grob-103 offers higher performance (longer flight time) and a quieter ride in addition to a roomier, more comfortable cockpit. Also, the Grob-103 canopy gives the passenger a nearly unrestricted 270 degree view of the scenery. Varying atmospheric conditions can affect the overall length of your glider ride. The best days for a glider flight consist of clear to partly cloudy skies, light to moderate winds and puffy white cumulus clouds (indicators of lift). Morning and evening rides may be slightly shorter but often mean smoother rides; mid-afternoon rides often last longer as the sunlight is the strongest but can include light turbulence in strong thermals (lift).

Grob-103 Glider

Built by Grob Aircraft of Germany. A high performance two-seater glider constructed of glass fiber. Features T-tail configuration, a non retractable undercarriage and upper surface airbrakes. Designed for training, high performance, and simple aerobatic flying.

Schweizer SGS 2-33 Glider

Built by Schweizer Aircraft in Elmira, NY, this American glider is a two-seat, high-wing, strut-based glider, excellent for training.


Schweizer 2-33, includes towing
  • » Schweizer 2-33, most popular glider trainer in America
  • » Fun way to sample the thrill of soaring
  • » BUY NOW 12-20 min @ 2500 ft, $85
  • » BUY NOW 20-30 min@ 5000 ft, $150
  • » BUY NOW Fledgling 3-Ride IntroPackage, $295


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